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How to Write Product Content for the Modern American Shopper

June 28, 2018

With shorter attention spans than goldfish, today’s consumers need to be reeled in with engaging product content that provides...

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Study Shows Lifestyle Imagery on Product Detail Page Can Increase Sales

June 18, 2018

At Blueport, we’ve always had a theory that lifestyle imagery, or images of products in a room, is critical...

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Five UX Design Tips for your Product Detail Page

April 23, 2018

The product detail page (PDP), or the page where customers read descriptions and view details about your products, is...

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Creating a Winning Site Merchandising Strategy

May 30, 2017

Thus far in our “Make the Most out of Your Online Furniture Store” series, we’ve discussed marketing methods to...

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Taxonomy For Furniture Ecommerce – Part Art, Part Science

March 12, 2015

If I told you we had a resident Taxonomist on staff who regularly applies his MLIS to the job,...

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Don’t Just Tell, SELL! Quick and Easy Steps on Writing Romance Copy for Your Furniture Ecommerce Site

July 22, 2014

Buying furniture, as we all know, is not usually an impulse purchase. Consumers research, research, and do some more...

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