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Digital Marketing For Retail Furniture Stores: Product Descriptions

By Blueport Team Mar 7, 2023 10:44:46 AM

furniture retail product descriptions

In the modern shopping landscape, customers are using every tool they can to research products before they decide to purchase and often before they visit a store. An important part of helping customers make a purchasing decision is to supply them with robust and accurate information about the features and key benefits of the product.

Product descriptions can be an important factor in driving customers through the retail furniture buyer’s journey. Furniture marketers often make one mistake that may result in a lack of action from their customers: they try to only describe the product rather than also sell it to their audience.

Below, we’ll go over the best practices for digital marketing for furniture businesses for writing excellent and effective product descriptions.


Three Steps to Writing Great Product Descriptions for Retail Furniture


1. Use a Catchy Hook To Engage Your Customers

The opening line is arguably the most influential part of writing a successful product description. It doesn’t take long for customers to make a decision about whether the product seems interesting or fits their needs.

When crafting your opening line, don’t simply list the features of your product. Instead, focus on what would engage your customers. Questions, pinpointing pain points, and highlighting benefits are all tried-and-true methods for creating a hook that will nudge your customers closer to the buying stage.


2. Highlight the Product’s Unique Features

Even though you shouldn’t start your furniture product descriptions with features, you should eventually highlight what makes your product stand out from the competition. Gaining attention through unique product features is key to successful digital marketing for furniture stores. 

Zero in on what sets the furniture apart from other pieces (i.e., crackled glass, accents, hidden storage, etc.). However, be careful not to use industry jargon that your customers will not understand and instead focus on language that will be clear to your customers.


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3. Make the Description Relevant to Your Target Audience

Shoppers today perform thorough research into the products they’re considering before making a purchase, and it is important to make sure your products are described in a way that makes each product relevant to your target audience.

Write product descriptions that give the shopper an idea of what the furniture would be like in their own home or how they would use the piece.  Keep in mind, describing the product without over-personalizing the description can help push broad sets of customers toward products that truly meet their own needs.


How A Furniture Ecommerce Platform Can Boost Product Description Views


Website Responsiveness

Websites without a responsive design will notice a high bounce rate, leaving your perfectly crafted product descriptions without any meaningful views.

Keeping mobile design top of mind, ensuring that your site will render seamlessly across devices. This will allow your shoppers the ability to easily shop your product on their mobile device and in turn and a higher chance they will see product details including the product descriptions.


Maximize Your Ecommerce Strategy With a Retail Furniture Platform

Engaging product descriptions are just one essential tactic to increase online sales and drive local store traffic. However, these descriptions are only one piece of a comprehensive online merchandising strategy. In fact, the rate at which furniture retailers are using an ecommerce platform for their marketing strategy has been increasing, making it a vital tool for success.

With our merchandising playbook, you’ll be able to create, test, and optimize your strategy in a variety of ways to accommodate your phygital shoppers and provide a unique furniture retail shopping experience that your competitors won’t be able to match.

Learn how you can transform your furniture retailing strategy by downloading your free copy of our merchandising playbook today.

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