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Case Studies
Compare The Competition

Compare Shopify vs. Blueport Commerce and see how a furniture-focused platform can help you reach your omnichannel goals.

An ecommerce solution will have lasting effects on your business, so you want to make the right decision the first time Compare Magento VS Blueport for furniture ecommerce.

Through an overview of the most common platform types, a comparison framework, and questions about your business, we help you narrow down your options and find a solution that helps you build a better online shopping experience for your customers. 

Through a merchandising overview, this playbook enables you to create, test, and optimize your ecommerce merchandising strategy so your business can take advantage of the growing online furniture shopping industry. 

Our case study, Furnishing Growth, takes an exclusive look at how top 100 Furniture Retailer, Levin Furniture & Mattress, harnessed the Blueport platform to take their business to the next level.

Each furniture ecommerce platform is built differently, which means each one has different benefits you should consider before deciding to utilize it for your business. 

Learn how the omnichannel ecommerce experience can broaden your market while providing a personalized furniture buying experience shopper by shopper.

Traditional ecommerce funnels are often built with linear journeys in mind that sell smaller, easy-to-fulfill products. But the furniture shopping journey is unlike any other — so you need a buyer’s journey created for you. 

With this historical data, we are now able to provide both the definitive digital snapshot of the industry, plus analyze year-over-year trends and the relevant features of ecommerce platforms.

Download this free comprehensive punch list of capabilities your furniture website must have to maximize sales online and in your stores.

In addition to the unique omnichannel capabilities that our platform has always offered, Blueport was recognized for our new Cloud-Native architecture, giving retailers unprecedented digital scalability and agility.

Learn how you can optimize the path to purchase and increase sales conversions with comprehensive, user-friendly, merchandising controls.

A robust ecommerce marketing strategy starts with the right technology. Learn more about the latest tools for implementing, updating, and optimizing your furniture marketing plan. 

Discover how Blueport empowers IT executives and their teams toward omnichannel growth and success.