The Latest in Omnichannel Furniture Technology

February 5, 2018

Every two weeks, we release new features and enhancements to the Blueport Commerce Platform. As a Product Manager, I work with a team to identify and prioritize what belongs on our product roadmap. Using a combination of research on the latest ecommerce trends, user testing data, and our clients’ needs, we create a pipeline of product features that will drive the most impact for our furniture retail clients and their shoppers. Below are a few examples of recent updates to the Blueport Platform, delivered to all of our clients on our agile Cloud Platform.

Color Swatches on Search Results

If you don’t show a customer different variations of a product early enough in their online shopping journey, they might not realize the wealth of options they have. That’s why, in staying current with best practices for showcasing product information, we added color swatches to search results pages across our platform last summer. Now customers can view color variations directly on the search results page, rather than clicking to every product page to see what is available. This helps customers make shopping decisions faster and gets them closer to completing their purchases online.

Videos on Product Pages

What better way to understand a product than to see it in action? With customers being almost two times more likely to buy a product after watching a product video, we were sure to bring this feature to the Blueport Platform last summer. Product clips are an effective way to help your customers make shopping decisions online because they showcase more product features and details, as well as help customers envision how products will look in their homes.

Research shows that the most effective videos for increasing conversions are about 30 seconds long, with popular content including product demos, instructions and tips, and 360-degree views. Get posting!

Dynamic, Geo-Targeted Homepage & Page Elements

This year, we put more page design and content into our clients’ hands so they could efficiently create and control targeted customer experiences across their sites. We made a number of enhancements to our proprietary content management tool, “Hub”, including customizable homepages that can be scheduled to go live when you want, with content targeting customers by region. Combined with widget-like “Page Elements” that can be set up with regional, cultural, and branded content, you’ve got the tools you need for a site that looks and functions the way you want it, where you want it, and when you want it.

Flash Sales: Promotions by the Hour!

Want to run a special sale between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. on Black Friday? Looking to build customer urgency with promotions that will end before the holiday is over? Our Flash Sales feature, launched this winter, allows you to run promotions for specific hours on a given day–fully automated! You simply create a promotion, set its start and end times, and see it up and running when the right time rolls around.

HTTPS: An Important Layer of Security

Understandably, security is a looming concern for online shoppers today. According to a Pew Research Center report, 64% of Americans have experienced a major data breach, and half of Americans feel their personal information is less secure now than it was five years ago. Transitioning to HTTPS comes with many benefits: Protecting your site and users from malicious intruders, ensuring you can stay up-to-date with features and capabilities that will require HTTPS, and potentially improving search engine rankings, with HTTPS rumored to serve as a tie-breaker between links of similar quality. On top of it all, customers feel more secure shopping online when they see lock icons in their browser address bars and no alarming warnings.

Last fall, Google Chrome started displaying “non-secure” warnings on non-HTTPS sites. We made sure our platform was ready for that change–and is ready for any other security best practices that come our way.

These are just a few of the features we’ve released to clients on top of their fully-featured omnichannel sites. Want to learn more about the ecommerce features that drive revenue for furniture retail? Give us a call!