Our Approach

You face challenges in bringing your native advantages online.

Your Challenges

New ecommerce competitors entering the market

Traditional marketing is being supplanted by digital marketing

Online traffic and online purchases are growing exponentially

Higher shopper expectations for online product presentation and delivery

Legacy systems that need to be integrated with digital efforts

Your Advantages

Knowledgeable sales teams and local showrooms

High quality merchandise at competitive prices

Trusted heritage brands

Promotional strategy that drives profitable sales

Reliable delivery, set-up and take away service

Blueport Commerce helps big ticket brands bring their advantages online and succeed in omnichannel retail, drawing on years of experience working with leaders in our industry.

What We Do


your customers’ expectations and how they want to shop by…

  • Identifying your customers’ needs
  • Mapping the customer journey
  • Auditing and benchmarking the current user experience
  • Testing and designing an improved user experience
  • Capturing your brand positioning in the marketplace


your native advantages to power a leading-edge shopping experience by…

  • Assessing your current technology stack
  • Integrating existing legacy systems to enable seamless omnichannel operations
  • Planning high ROI technology investments
  • Optimizing team structure and skill sets


the ideal omnichannel furniture shopping experience for your customers by…

  • Creating an omnichannel promotional strategy
  • Building a seamless store-online experience
  • Assessing product data and identifying gaps
  • Optimizing your digital marketing mix

Learn more about our services...


1 Customer Journey

Customer Journey Mapping

Synthesize your customer data and research to map out the customer journey from inspiration to delivery.

2 UX Research and Design

UX Research & Design

Audit your current shopping experience and tap into user testing to understand what drives sales.


3 Omnichannel Strategy

Omnichannel Strategy

Create a plan for delivering a leading omnichannel shopping experience. Prioritize the resources you need to make it happen.

4 Team Organization

Team Organization

Assess your current team structure, roles and skill sets in order to focus your talent and training resources for maximum impact.


5 Technology


Help with the challenging work behind the scenes that empowers a seamless omnichannel experience for shoppers.

6 Marketing


Optimize your digital marketing execution across all channels, including email, search and content marketing.

7 Product Presentation

Product Presentation

Improve your product data, imagery and categorization to improve shopper conversion online and in-store.

8 Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention

Catch fraudulent orders before it’s too late with our proven model that balances machine learning and human intelligence.

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