We are a dynamic tech company that’s
changing retail

We power world-class websites for some of the largest retailers in North America. And we need you to power us.

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Health and dental benefits
The well-being of our employees means the world to us. We provide Blueporters 100% company-paid, best-in-class health and dental coverage (as well as subsidized gym memberships).
Subsidized commuter expenses
Commuting from afar? You can park here at no cost or have a transportation pass that can take you around Boston.
Fun work events
No doubt, we put in a lot of work to helping retailers accelerate their digital efforts. But we are also really good at letting loose. Find us breaking high scores in trivia, busting out the cornhole set or hitting up a local brewery.
Dog-friendly office
Have your canine join the ranks of the other big dogs in the office, which currently include a Golden Retriever, a Vizsla, and a Black Lab.
Professional development opportunities
At Blueport, we're eager to learn about all things. From monthly Lunch & Learns run by our own team members to conferences that will let you learn from the retail community at large, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to expand your knowledge and skill-set.
Maternity and paternity leave
We understand the tremendous time commitment necessary to bring a new child into your life. Our maternity and paternity leave policy offers 12 weeks of fully paid leave for new parents.
A Day in the Life: Nathaly

When I’m not working…

I’m outdoors, if the weather allows. I love taking day trips to cute little New England towns, going to the beach, or just walking in the city. If it’s cold, I’d probably be catching up with a Netflix show, reading or looking online for home decoration ideas.


Favorite thing to geek out about?

Mexico’s history. I always liked history in general, but ever since I moved out here, I’ve been more interested in revisiting my country’s history.


Cats or dogs? And why?

First of all, I love dogs—or any animal, really. But I’m a cat person. I just relate more with them. They’re independent, enigmatic, and make great lap-warmers.

A Day in the Life: Dave

What’s one thing you’ve learned at Blueport that you didn’t know before working here?

C#! All joking aside, I’ve learned a tremendous amount. Most important to me is how much I’ve been able to grow as a manager and a mentor.


When I’m not working…

I’m tinkering with electronics, keeping up with current events, or trying a new restaurant.


One new thing I’ve tried in the kitchen recently is…

making my own pizza dough. The secret is “00” flour and a long, cold proof.

A Day in the Life: Gina

What’s your favorite memory at Blueport so far?

Keytar Bear came to Blueport—I am a big fan.


When I’m not working…

I try to be active and keep a good work-life balance. I love reading, I go to a lot of tech meet-ups, and I started kayaking this summer.


Favorite thing to geek out about?

I have a large collection of Polaroid cameras. I’ve collected their respective manuals, too.

A Day in the Life: Betsy

What is your favorite thing about working at Blueport?

What’s kept me—and a lot of our employees here—is the culture.  My role is to ensure that our amazing teams can feel connected to each other. We know we have a special thing here and we want to maintain it.


What’s one thing you’ve learned at Blueport that you didn’t know before working here?

Although I came to Blueport with a background in ecommerce, the actual steps that go into the building of a website were completely foreign to me before I got here. I am amazed at the skills of our Product and Development teams.