Content Marketing 101 for Furniture Retailers

July 8, 2014

If you’re a marketer you know that content marketing is no longer just a buzzword these days. It’s a crucial piece of modern-day marketing strategy brands must produce to stay competitive and relevant online. Ironically enough, there is so much content out there on how to develop content for your brand, it can easily become overwhelming. In this blog post, we’ll break down three basic principles to help focus content creation for your furniture retail website.

Content Marketing 101

Stop Interrupting. Create Content People Love and Seek

I listened to a panel of marketing industry leaders speak at Skyword’s Content Rising event. One of the most resounding messages shared that evening was quite simple: marketers need to stop interrupting the content people love and become the content people love. Why? Because consumers today have more power than ever before to sift through content and self-select only the information they want to see.

Think about it – tuning out traditional advertisements has become second nature to many of us. We fast forward through TV commercials, don’t open promotional emails in our inbox, and swiftly surf around internet banners and paid search ads on the web. We do this to focus our attention to stories, the content we love and want to see, whether it be TV shows, music, books, articles. Therefore, to be an effective marketer today, brands must create informational – not promotional – content in the form of stories. Stories that are relevant and sought after by your consumers.

Conduct a Self-Evaluation of Your Brand to Identify the Content to Create

If traditional marketing is becoming less and less effective, what’s a furniture retailer to do? First, understand why people search and shop for your products. Then, take a step back and evaluate the need or purpose your brand seeks to fulfill in consumers’ lives. Whether it’s providing quality furnishings at affordable prices or bringing utility and function into modern homes, let your brand mission guide the framework for the types of content you deliver. Doing so will unearth stories that are engaging and relevant to consumers.

Think about the different occasions that lead people to shop for home furnishings: a new home, a remodel, time to replace furniture, seasonal redecorating, etc. People want guidance on what to purchase for these occasions and search for it. Therefore, capitalize on this opportunity to come to the top of their search results with content like furniture shopping guides, how-to articles, and check-lists of most-needed items for a new home. These content pieces will increase your SEO and put your brand in the consumer’s shopping journey.

Look Inward for Content Marketing Inspiration

For content marketing to pay off, you’re going to need to produce a lot of content. Consider this: the average “shelf-life” for a piece of marketing content is 18 hours. How do you generate more ideas for content creation? The answer could easily lie within your own company walls. Utilize the departments that have the most customer-facing interaction: customer service, call center, and sales floor associates. They have the inside scoop on the questions your shoppers are asking to help you generate new and relevant content.

There’s no doubt about it –  the way brands need to market to stay relevant today has changed. Creating useful, informative and highly engaging content is a must to elevate brand awareness.