4 Email Marketing Tips for Furniture Retailers

May 30, 2018

I recently sat down with Lauren Looft, our Marketing Manager here at Blueport Commerce. Among many things, Lauren is the guru behind anything and everything related to email strategy for Blueport clients. I asked Lauren to tell me about the latest trends driving successful email marketing campaigns today!

Cut to the Chase with Subject Lines

Make it snappy! When writing subject lines, put the most pertinent and captivating information at the beginning. This is especially important for emails read on mobile devices, where you can expect the subject line to get cut off 35 to 40 characters in. Choose the order of your words wisely to give the right detail upfront.

For example, instead of “The Summer is Finally Here, Shop our New Arrivals” try reversing it to say, “Shop New Arrivals Just in Time For Summer” – the emphasis should be on your products, rather than summer. For a final sale reminder email, “Ends Tonight – 15% Off” might work better than “Time is running out…last call for 15% off” because it conveys urgency and a definitive deadline, which may also help bump up conversions.

Use Preheader Space Wisely

The preheader space is the text directly following the subject line when an email is in preview mode. Often times, retailers give up this prime email real estate. Just take a look in your inbox now – I bet you’ll see a ton of emails where the preheader reads “View this email with images” or “If you are unable to see this message, click here to view as a webpage.” What a waste!

Take advantage of this critical space – it can be the deciding factor on whether or not to open an email. In fact, many inboxes show more preheader text than subject line text, so you’re better off using the preheader for additional details that may further compel a reader to open it. A good rule of thumb is to think of the preheader as an extension of your subject line.

Make Content Part of Your Email Strategy

Customers love getting coupon codes and early access to sales. But constantly giving things away or running promos isn’t the only way to effectively keep your customers engaged. They also love being in-the-know about new products, top-sellers, and just getting practical, useful information like how to care for their furniture. Try running a content-driven email campaign every so often, even in the midst of an ongoing promotion, and take note of how your users engage with it.

Don’t give up on the non-converters on your email lists – they may not be in the market for a sofa every week, but that does not mean they don’t find value in your emails. Emails that share informative blog posts will not only provide value to the customer, but will also keep your brand in mind when the time comes for them to purchase a new piece of furniture.

You Must Design Responsively

Responsive design is about coding emails to recognize and react to the screen size of the device they are being read on. By setting certain rules and parameters, the email will render in the most optimal format to deliver the best user experience.

More and more people are reading email on the go – in fact, most reports claim that at least 50% of emails are opened on mobile devices now. In a recent study, Campaign Monitor, one of the leaders in the email marketing space, found that a user is likely to delete an email in under three seconds due to poor formatting, and up to 15% of users may unsubscribe as well. Given these facts, it is absolutely critical retailers make sure emails look their best no matter the device.

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