2019 Omnichannel Furniture Benchmarking

This effort began in 2014 as an internal project, an annual look at how retailers were responding to the changing retail landscape, the website features driving retailer success, and which retailers were successful in implementing them.

As our methodology stabilized, we began offering our research to retailers, manufacturers, analysts, and industry observers. With this historical data, we are now able to provide both the definitive digital snapshot of the industry, plus analyze year-over-year trends.

This year, we focus our report on just that – who is making moves, where they are investing, and how they are doing it. Gain access to:

    • A comprehensive ranking of 125 websites run by top conventional, specialty, multi-line and pure-play furniture retailers
    • The website features most valued by retailers, which they implemented in 2019, and who rose the most in our rankings
    • The features that today, 5 years after we began collecting this data, are the most valuable omnichannel differentiators.

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